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What You Need to About Web Hosting

Wen Hosting keeps the website alive on the internet, without which the website will not progress at all and be as good as dead. Opening a new web site requires good web hosting  and needs proper planning before rushing to hosting. There are many hosting plans which are not secure. They can cause more damage to your website before you even begin hosting. Thorough knowledge is necessary to understand the functioning of the hosting your website. This guide will help you understand how hosting works and how to pick the right hosting websites.

What is Web Hosting?

Websites are hosted on servers which are run by powerful computers which run only one or two simple services, hence called server. This server stores the websites and make is accessible to the users. Your web host will provide you with the server space and technology for your website to be accessible on the internet so that your website is online and anyone can visit your page through your website link. All the data of your website, including software, images, file, texts will be stored in the server.

Web hosting servers are run by companies which provide you with server space to host your website. The data centres are the physical facilities where those servers are located, which are also owned by the web hosting companies.

Web hosting types

There are several plans for web hosting offered by a number of companies. You need to decide on what you want to have a suitable hosting server for your website. You need to pick the plans these companies offer in order to host and run your website efficiently. Web hosting can be of four types and you can pick any of them for your website.


It is a method where your website shares server space with other websites. It is the most cost-effective method since you are sharing a common space.



VPS hosting splits the server into multiple virtual servers which will host your website. The main server is shared with other websites, but each site has its own virtual server.


Dedicated servers are private servers and cost a lot more than VPS and Sharing. Since you own the server, you have full technical control over it, and you can implement your own programs in it. You will also not worry about slowing down your website because of the traffic caused by sharing sites.


Cloud hosting is the most advanced hosting in which multiple servers will host your site. But unlike the traditional hosting, cloud hosting can experience traffic spikes, which can impact the loading speed. You also do not have root access for the server so you cannot make any changes. It is most commonly used for blogs and magazines.

There is no way to make your website public without hosting it. You need to do thorough research on your requirements and the budget and then make a decision to choose the right hosts.



10 Tips to Increase Security on Web Hosting Servers

Server management demands security for web hosting and server administrators. Here, we look at ten techniques which will help in monitoring the servers and prevent any vulnerabilities.

Public Key Authentication for SSH

Remove encrypted access. SSH, SFTP and https are accepted over FTP or HTTP to manage servers. For better security, the password authentication should be taken of SSH server altogether, and SSH keys should be implemented. Each user will have a public key and a private key which will be kept by the user. The public key is kept on the server, which should match the private key to enable access.

Strong Passwords

Keeping a strong password is your first step to prevent anyone from accessing your data. If the password is weak and easy to guess, it is an open door for the criminal to enter into your administration. Using long and random passwords is mandatory.

Install CSF

The Config Server Firewall is a free firewall which comes with a lot of features and protects the server against a wide range of attacks. The features include stateful packet inspection, authentication failure rate-limiting, flood protection, directory watching, etc.

Install Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban inspects the server’s logs in search of patterns that indicate malicious connections, and too many failed authentication attempts or too many connections from the same IP and blocks such IPs while also notifying the administrator.

Install Malware Scanning Software

In any case, if someone manages to breach your server security and install malware to hack your system, a malware scanning software like ClamAV will help find the malware and will ask your permission to remove it.

Keep Software Up-To-Date


Out-Of-Date software is more likely to be attacked by viruses and malware, which are known to hackers. You should always have an updated system to be ahead of hackers as they will soon find a hack to the latest update and your software provider will have to update the software to prevent it from hacking.

Back up regularly

Backing up data might not seem like a security measure, but in case if wiping of data from your server, there should be a backup to restore important data. It is impossible to guarantee an unbreakable server so data should be encrypted and backed-up to an offsite location.

Monitor Logs

Logs are vital tools in the security system. A server collects enormous information about what it does and who connects to it. This information is stored in logs, and any malicious activity can be tracked down. Hourly reports can help in keeping the data safe.

Turn off unnecessary services

Any software which is not essential for the server should be disabled. The fewer points of contact between the server’s internal environment and the external world will reduce the chances of attacks. Windows, CentOS and Ubuntu include tools for managing running services.

Install ModSecurity

It is a web application firewall which works on a higher level than CSF firewall and is designed to deal with threats against the application layer. It stops many types of attacks against web applications on systems like WordPress and eCommerce websites.

Top 5 Security Features You Need In Web Hosting

As web hosting has increased its demand, the need for hosting security has also become extremely important. Investing money into a website can be risky as long as there is no proper security system. As the number of guests starts growing the site can go down quickly and can automatically get viruses to attack your system. There are plenty of scammers and unethical web designers who are eager to use your emails for spamming and your website for their ads. To prevent such problems in future, you need safe hosting to keep your data away from the frauds and your server running smoothly all day. It is difficult to identify hosting companies which have highly secure servers. The only way to ensure better security is to purchase web hosting from companies that have some unique security features. Here are five features to make a user-friendly website while protecting the data.


RAID is a special data protection system. It helps to keep the files safe from viruses and spammers even if the server crashes. If a web host has servers with pre-installed RAID, it is a good sign. It might be a little expensive feature for personal websites and is mostly used by organisational websites. There are a few web hosts which offer RAID for lesser fees. Research about RAID and understand what it truly does before making a purchase.

Secure Datacenter

Secure Datacenter

A secure datacenter is also important if your website has the data which holds value to you. Disasters can occur anytime, and the damage can be caused to all kinds of properties such as homes, hospitals, and resources. Like it is necessary to secure facilities that will help post disasters. Similarly, it is important to have a centre which can protect your data from any natural disaster.


Uptime is the time your website is online and accessible by your clients without any problems. Most web hosts claim to provide 100% uptime, which is not true in most cases. However, brief storages are can help in keeping the website efficient and is not a bad idea if you have a start-up and does not have a 24/7 traffic. If this is the case, searching web hosts that promise reimbursement for the downtime is a good option over those who claim 100% uptime.



Many companies also offer back up of your data in case of emergency. Backups can be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Daily backups are the best option, but even weekly automatic back-ups are good enough to keep your data safe. The web hosts have backup limits, so it is important to read all the backup conditions before purchasing a hosting plan.

Manual Reboot

Manual Reboot is included in VPS and dedicated packages. It allows you to use control panel for restarting your dedicated or virtual server. It will help in making important updates and fixing the problems that you might notice on your server. A manual reboot will allow control over refreshing from the website from time to time. If the bugs are not fixed by rebooting, you can always contact your web host’s customer support.

The Truth About Best Shared Web Hosting Services

Shared web hosting is only good as long as you have a website as a hobby, like a blog. It is a small and good investment in running a small project. But, if you are running a business website which deals with money transactions and selling of products you will need a much better and secure engine. If the foundation of your business is weak, your website might be at risk of spamming and viruses.

spamming and viruses

Shared hosting is not for all kinds of websites, particularly for the business, as mentioned above. Let us look at the good sides of shared web hosting and what it can be used for.


Also, know as virtual hosting or sometimes cloud hosting shared web hosting is when a server is being shared by multiple websites. Because multiple websites share the same server, it becomes an affordable option for websites. The cost factor is the most appealing benefit of shared hosting.

Shared hosting is easy to set up, and can run any kind of website on its server. It is easy to use, and anyone with a little knowledge of technology can use it for their websites. Virtual Private Hosting may require higher skillset. It is only good as long as you are running a project or a blog as it has a lesser risk of being taken down by malware and viruses.


Shared hosting, in spite of being cheap, comes with a lot of drawbacks which are not good for your website if it is a valuable platform for your business. You need to know that they are cheap because hundreds of websites are sharing the same server. Mostly, you will have no idea on who is sharing the space with you, and if it turns out to be a spam or a bad website, they can have an impact on your website as well.

When you are using a shared server, you are also sharing memory, bandwidth, processing power and storage. If another website uses more than its fair share of memory, your website will get affected by it. You might, at times, want more space in the server and request your host for it, but why will they angry their other clients to satisfy you. So it will always be a dog fight of websites running in the same space, and the host is powerless to take any actions.

You will also need to just put your faith on your neighbouring websites that they are legit. If at all you are unlucky, you will end up with websites who do not take good care of the server, making it vulnerable to spamming, malware and viruses. Damage to your server will also affect your website and result in slow loading and spikes in the server.

Another thing which you might not know is you do not really get unlimited resources. This tends to because the host server providers do not provide full access to their clients. Most of the shared servers will have limitations. You cannot even customize your server, and the terms and conditions can be restrictive.


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