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If you are looking to help develop your website, we can help you get the right host.

.com $9.99/yr

.net $8.99/yr

.org $12.99/yr

.gov $6.99/yr

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We help our clients find the right server which can help in the growth of their website.

Uptime Guarantee

If you do not like our services we can provide the best to help you move ahead without any problems.

Secure Backups

We help you provide secure backup which will help you in any emergency situation.

Dedicated Support

Our support team have some of the best professionals who can help you advices and inform you about the packages we offer.

Safe & Secure

Safety is our primary concern and our policy will instantly give you confidence if our safety policy.

Money-back Guarantee

Complete Hosting
Solutions Starting at $3.95/month

You can take advantage of our hosting solutions where we make sure that your website is seen by the right audience.

Easy-to-use tools and apps keep you fully in control.

Create a professional website in minutes.

Secure & reliable business email.

WordPress-friendly hosting.

User-friendly control panel.

Over 400+ apps included.


Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Protection Power

We provide extensive backups to help you always stay online.

Site Lock

We have a site lock feature which can help safeguard your site.

Automated Website Backup

You do not want to be in a situation where everything gets lost and automated website backup helps prevent such situations.

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If you are still unsure of our services, you can easily connect us on live chat where we are always active to help you.

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Customer Testimonials

I was extremely happy that I opted for Adraxas Corp to help me with my hosting problems as they are extremely professional and give the right advice.

John N. Jenkins

I tried their 30 day free trail and I am hooked with their services as they are some of the best people in the industry who understands the importance of having the right hosting server for your website.

Nancy D. Chalker

I must say that their support team is amazing as I did not have to wait for an answer for any of my queries and they are quick to response in emergency situations.

Leon K. Mitchell

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

Supporting our clients is something that we never back out off and our support team can give you some of the best advices regarding our services.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We have a 30 day money back guarantee offer going on, where if you do not like our services you get your money back.

Our Partner

Cheap Alternative Hosting

We have an excellent partnership with a cheaper hosting provider, LaunchCDN. We highly recommend their hosting services to anyone that is looking for a cheaper scale-able solution. Their hosting starts from as low as $1.70 per site.

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