To prevent a terrorist attack, it is critical to detect the discreet but identifiable indicators of the pre-attack preparations. Only by uncovering these preparations can we take actions designed to deter or intercept a terrorist strike before it begins. TrapWire enables security and law enforcement professionals to prevent terrorist attacks and apprehend those involved.

For the first time there is a means of addressing the suspicious activity problem prevalent throughout urban and even remote critical infrastructure environments.

TrapWire was designed by former civilian and military intelligence officers representing hundreds of years of counterterrorism field experience. TrapWire moves your organization away from risk mitigation to risk prevention and helps you avoid the loss of life and damage incurred by an attack.

BZPP and TrapWire®

TrapWire has been supported by The Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection as critical to Buffer Zone Protection Planning (BZPP).

The TrapWire solution addresses:

Integrated Planning
Law Enforcement Connectivity
Protective Measures
Equipment Needs
To request additional information, learn more about TrapWire, or seek additional support in building your BZPP Grant request please register your organization and login to the TrapWire site as provided.