Internet Operations

Abraxas Cyber Solutions

Abraxas Corporation is a leader in online privacy, identity creation and protection solutions. Our solutions define the security posture of the personal, financial and operational lifeline of our customers through the use of trusted and secure advanced technologies and methodologies. Abraxas Corporation solutions ensure the safe and secure online presence of public and private sector Internet users. Abraxas offers trusted and proven security solutions uniquely adapted for government agencies across the national security community.

Abraxas Research and Development

Abraxas Research & Development activities bring a strong foundation of applications software development for tools used across the internet. Driven by creative software engineering, cyber security and rare computer forensics professionals, our R&D; team understands customer needs and assures the needs of our customers meet the challenges of the online operational environment for law enforcement and the national security community. Our R&D; team has a strong foundation spanning software engineering, real-world experience and engineering excellence. These disciplines crafted over years of practical application enables Abraxas to create innovative solutions that solve the seemingly impossible needs of the national security, law enforcement and commercial sectors. Our focus is on building elegant, world-class solutions that are more effective, simpler to deploy and easier to use than traditional systems.