Abraxas offers a suite of unique capabilities for informed, secure, and trusted decision-making, enabling a more confident and capable business environment. Bridging almost every facet of business operations, Abraxas offers clarity and insights through

Information Assurance (IA)

Abraxas offers tailored assessments and training to manage information-related risks and ensure the security of customer’s systems.

Our Information Assurance (IA) experts, some of whom teach IA at top universities, are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and adaptability of information systems. Abraxas engineers build upon classic IA models by including analysis of physical location and level of information vulnerability. Our analysis of information value, threats, and security, followed by the application of appropriate countermeasures, is the Abraxas advantage.

IA Services Offered

Abraxas offers a range of services designed to deliver confidence and rigor to our client’s information systems security. Our IA services include policy and procedure development, regulatory compliance reviews (SOX, GLB, HIPAA, FISMA), information system security analysis, incident response pre-planning and management, customized system-specific security awareness training, and insider threat evaluation.

Application Hardening

Securing applications requires skill in both software development and security disciplines. Our team of dedicated professionals provides expertise in both areas. We protect against threats by hardening applications on a variety of fronts, including cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, information exposure, privilege escalation, buffer overflows, and denial of service.


Abraxas holds the following IA certifications and accreditations: DCID 6/3, DIACAP, NIACAP, NIST.

Digital Forensics

At Abraxas, we understand that digital forensics is more than basic electronic discovery and data recovery. Our forensics director, the former manager of the Department of Defense’s Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory, spent over four years working to help solve some of the nation’s most difficult criminal and counterintelligence investigations.

This level of experience translates to true deep data exploitation coupled with superior service, training, and discretion for every client. Our expertise spans the lifecycle of digital forensic analysis, offering our clients the resources they need to mitigate risk. Services include forensic laboratory design and setup, enterprise forensic policy and practice consulting, digital evidence seizure and chain-of-custody training, enterprise forensic monitoring and insider threat identification, and anti-forensics for military, government, and law enforcement.

Detecting Deception Eliciting Responses (DDER)

Abraxas Corporation offers its clients what is often lacking in today’s business environment: risk identification and resolution. Risk may take the form of deceptive communications or practices that put your business goals in jeopardy. Risk may also impede your ability to identify opportunities. Whatever the case may be, Abraxas Corporation’s Deception Detection team provides its clients with the tools they need to ferret out the truth behind their competitor’s silent intentions.

Abraxas Corporation’s Deception Detection team provides its clients with training in behavioral analysis and information elicitation techniques. Drawing upon decades of experience in national security and law enforcement organizations, where they operated against foreign intelligence officers, terrorists and criminals, our Deception Detection Experts provide their clients with the keys to identify and understand both verbal and non-verbal behaviors indicative of deception. They then provide information elicitation techniques that show our clients how to confront and elicit information to resolve incompatible behavioral and verbal indicators while avoiding overly hostile confrontations.

The results: reliable information on which critical decisions can be made without the fear of unforeseen consequences.

Our behavioral analysis and information elicitation program features “The Human Audit,” a unique approach that’s been proven effective in a variety of settings including United States Government investigative and national security communities, the finance industry, and the executive protection and law enforcement communities. Our Deception Detection team assesses specific needs and tailors each solution to your unique collection requirements. The results . . . better information, better decisions, and better business.