Shared web hosting is only good as long as you have a website as a hobby, like a blog. It is a small and good investment in running a small project. But, if you are running a business website which deals with money transactions and selling of products you will need a much better and secure engine. If the foundation of your business is weak, your website might be at risk of spamming and viruses.

spamming and viruses

Shared hosting is not for all kinds of websites, particularly for the business, as mentioned above. Let us look at the good sides of shared web hosting and what it can be used for.


Also, know as virtual hosting or sometimes cloud hosting shared web hosting is when a server is being shared by multiple websites. Because multiple websites share the same server, it becomes an affordable option for websites. The cost factor is the most appealing benefit of shared hosting.

Shared hosting is easy to set up, and can run any kind of website on its server. It is easy to use, and anyone with a little knowledge of technology can use it for their websites. Virtual Private Hosting may require higher skillset. It is only good as long as you are running a project or a blog as it has a lesser risk of being taken down by malware and viruses.


Shared hosting, in spite of being cheap, comes with a lot of drawbacks which are not good for your website if it is a valuable platform for your business. You need to know that they are cheap because hundreds of websites are sharing the same server. Mostly, you will have no idea on who is sharing the space with you, and if it turns out to be a spam or a bad website, they can have an impact on your website as well.

When you are using a shared server, you are also sharing memory, bandwidth, processing power and storage. If another website uses more than its fair share of memory, your website will get affected by it. You might, at times, want more space in the server and request your host for it, but why will they angry their other clients to satisfy you. So it will always be a dog fight of websites running in the same space, and the host is powerless to take any actions.

You will also need to just put your faith on your neighbouring websites that they are legit. If at all you are unlucky, you will end up with websites who do not take good care of the server, making it vulnerable to spamming, malware and viruses. Damage to your server will also affect your website and result in slow loading and spikes in the server.

Another thing which you might not know is you do not really get unlimited resources. This tends to because the host server providers do not provide full access to their clients. Most of the shared servers will have limitations. You cannot even customize your server, and the terms and conditions can be restrictive.