Wen Hosting keeps the website alive on the internet, without which the website will not progress at all and be as good as dead. Opening a new web site requires good web hosting  and needs proper planning before rushing to hosting. There are many hosting plans which are not secure. They can cause more damage to your website before you even begin hosting. Thorough knowledge is necessary to understand the functioning of the hosting your website. This guide will help you understand how hosting works and how to pick the right hosting websites.

What is Web Hosting?

Websites are hosted on servers which are run by powerful computers which run only one or two simple services, hence called server. This server stores the websites and make is accessible to the users. Your web host will provide you with the server space and technology for your website to be accessible on the internet so that your website is online and anyone can visit your page through your website link. All the data of your website, including software, images, file, texts will be stored in the server.

Web hosting servers are run by companies which provide you with server space to host your website. The data centres are the physical facilities where those servers are located, which are also owned by the web hosting companies.

Web hosting types

There are several plans for web hosting offered by a number of companies. You need to decide on what you want to have a suitable hosting server for your website. You need to pick the plans these companies offer in order to host and run your website efficiently. Web hosting can be of four types and you can pick any of them for your website.


It is a method where your website shares server space with other websites. It is the most cost-effective method since you are sharing a common space.



VPS hosting splits the server into multiple virtual servers which will host your website. The main server is shared with other websites, but each site has its own virtual server.


Dedicated servers are private servers and cost a lot more than VPS and Sharing. Since you own the server, you have full technical control over it, and you can implement your own programs in it. You will also not worry about slowing down your website because of the traffic caused by sharing sites.


Cloud hosting is the most advanced hosting in which multiple servers will host your site. But unlike the traditional hosting, cloud hosting can experience traffic spikes, which can impact the loading speed. You also do not have root access for the server so you cannot make any changes. It is most commonly used for blogs and magazines.

There is no way to make your website public without hosting it. You need to do thorough research on your requirements and the budget and then make a decision to choose the right hosts.